Veterinary Products

information about veterinary drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, cell-based therapies, and other products

By Product

There are various categories of veterinary and animal health products.  The categories and associated links will take you to veterinary product specific pages which contain additional information.  Woods Consulting, LLC can assist companies in veterinary product review, labeling, and determining the pathway for approval and/or commercialization.

By Species

Veterinary and animal health products can also be categorized based on the intended species.  Categories include small companion animal, equine, food production animal, and exotics.   Within food production animal, the market can be further segmented into beef, dairy, swine, poultry, etc.

Animal Health Products by Category

Information about veterinary pharmaceuticals (veterinary drugs)

veterinary pharmaceuticals
Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Information about veterinary diagnostics

veterinary pharmaceutical consultants
Veterinary Diagnostics

Information about veterinary biologics and vaccines

veterinary vaccines
Veterinary Vaccines

Information about veterinary stem cell and cell based products

veterinary stem cells
Veterinary Cell Based Products

Information about veterinary medical devices and bioscaffolds

veterinary medical devices
Veterinary Medical Devices

Information about veterinary large volume parenterals (IV Fluids, etc.)

IV Fluids
Veterinary Fluids

Information about veterinary nutraceuticals and supplements

veterinary nutraceuticals
Veterinary Nutraceuticals

Information about veterinary flea and tick products (ectoparasitics)

veterinary parasiticides
Veterinary Ectoparasitics

Information about veterinary cancer vaccines

veterinary cancer vaccines
Veterinary Cancer Vaccines

Information about animal grooming aid (“cosmetics”)

animal cosmetics
Animal Grooming Aids

Veterinary medicine and the animal health market use many of the same drugs, biologics, devices, equipment and diagnostics that are used in human medicine.  However, the development and regulations of animal health products can be very different from the human approval process.  These differences can affect the types of studies required for approval, the manufacturing process, labeling, and other conditions for advancing a product into veterinary medicine.

Key Veterinary Product Categories

Veterinary medicine and animal health products represent a multi-billion dollar industry.  Some of the key veterinary product categories are:

One of our first objectives with clients is establishing realistic expectations on the veterinary market.  Despite the fact that animal health is a multi-billion dollar industry, only a handful of veterinary products exceed $100MM USD in sales each year.   Clients often have misconceptions about the veterinary market, or have received advice from consultants who are not veterinarians, do not have R&D expertise, and/or have a limited scope of experience in bringing a veterinary product to market.  Our veterinary consulting team is different, as we a bring real-world and realistic perspective based on decades of diverse roles in the animal health market.