Veterinary Consulting Services

serving pharmaceutical and medical device companies, laboratories, CROs, and life science organizations

Veterinary Technology Assessment
Veterinary Market Research & Analysis
Business Development
Technology Licensing Strategy
Veterinary Regulatory Guidance
Clinical Trial & Veterinary Research Guidance

01 Veterinary Technology and Market Assessment

Assisting clients with technology assessment and the animal health applications for biologics, drugs, devices, supplements, and diagnostics.
veterinary drug development

Our veterinary consulting services can provide transparency on the veterinary market, how a technology applies to animal health, and the market potential for their product or service.  In addition, we can assist clients determine if there are comparative disease targets to human diseases.

Our veterinary team is experienced in technology assessment, market research, target veterinary product profiles, distribution, and establishing the anticipated development timeline and budgets.

Technology Assessment
  • Target Disease Applications
  • Technology Feasibility
  • Target Product Profile
Market Assessment
  • Market Research
  • Price Elasticity Testing
  • Attribute Mapping
  • Competitive Analysis
Development Plans & Financials
  • Development Timelines
  • Development Budgets
  • Technology Valuation
  • Sales Forecasting

02 Veterinary Business Development and Licensing

Our veterinary consultants have been involved in numerous licensing transactions, formation of start-ups, and strategic alliances.
veterinary business development

Our team can also help identify the right partners, when to engage those partners, and how to structure licensing agreements.  We have been involved in dozens of business development projects, technology licensing transactions, and forming companies to commercialize their technology for veterinary medicine.

We can also assist start-up formation, interim management, and building an online presence for investors or customers.

Business Development
  • Valuation and Financial Modeling
  • Business Cash Flow and NPV
  • Business Briefs and Plans
  • Due Diligence and Licensing
  • Term Sheet and Letter of Intent
  • Option and Licensing Agreements
  • Manufacturing and Distribution

Commercial Strategy & Licensing

  • Go-to-Market Tactics
  • Value Creation Strategies
  • Identifying Potential Strategic Partners
  • Drafting Terms Sheets and Contracts
  • Managing Negotiations

03 Veterinary Regulatory and Clinical Guidance

Our team can assist in a variety of veterinary regulatory matters concerning veterinary drugs, biologics, vaccines, and other products.
veterinary regulatory consultants

Before starting any project, one of the most important aspects to understand is the regulatory pathway.  Our veterinary consulting services includes assisting clients in determining how your product or service will be regulated, as this can affect the development requirements.  Our veterinary consultants provide regulatory guidance for drugs, devices, diagnostics, and other veterinary products.

We can also help clients with their regulatory submissions, project management, development of standard operating procedures, and requirements for evaluation and development of veterinary investigational products.

Quick Links:
Veterinary Clinical Trials
Veterinary Regulations

  • FDA-CVM- Drugs, Devices, Supplements
  • USDA-CVB – Biologics, Vaccines, Diagnostics
  • Cellular & Regenerative Technologies
  • European and Canadian Regulations
  • VICH
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Investigational Product Accountability
  • Project & Study Management
  • Subject Management
  • Site and Sub-site Management
  • Study Feasibility Assessments
  • Patient Recruitment Plans
  • Site Monitoring Plans
  • Study Auditing and QA

Getting Started

We follow a standard process for our veterinary consulting services, typically as follows:

  1. introductory call to discuss the project at no cost
  2. execution of a confidentiality agreement
  3. correspondence to client on specific information needs
  4. review of additional information from client
  5. issue a draft veterinary consulting services proposal with Exhibits outlining scope of work and proposed budget