Veterinary Consultants

veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics, and devices
Comprehensive guidance from licensed veterinarians and professionals with industry, clinical, research, academic, and start-up experience.

Business: Market analysis, financial modeling and licensing strategies
Regulatory: Investigational New Animal Drug Applications (INAD), Veterinary Master Files (VMF), Outlines of Production, Facilities Documents
Clinical: Protocol development and veterinary clinical studies for pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, and devices

Animal Health and Veterinary Consultants

Since 2007, our veterinary consultants have helped clients enter the veterinary and animal health market, providing practical advice on veterinary regulations, clinical studies, due diligence, veterinary distribution & marketing, and veterinary licensing strategies.  Our advice is based on real-world, hands-on experience in clinical practice, industry, academia and starting our own biomedical companies to develop and commercialize veterinary products.

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Clients: We provide veterinary research and development guidance to a diverse range of clients including early stage veterinary companies and those developing products for human medicine seeking to enter the animal health market.  We routinely work with human and veterinary pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic laboratories and medical device companies, contract research organizations, investors, university technology transfer offices, and market research companies.

Key Services

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01Business Development

Veterinary pharmaceutical development plans, veterinary market analysis, veterinary product licensing tactics, and commercialization of animal health products.

02Clinical Studies & Regulatory Guidance

Veterinary clinical studies & protocol development, veterinary study management, and regulatory guidance for veterinary drugs, biologics, and other products.

03Distribution and Marketing Strategy

Veterinary market strategy, distribution tactics, promotional material compliance, competitive analysis of animal health companies, and technical guidance.


veterinary consultants

About Us

Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA (Owner: Woods Consulting, LLC)
Director at The Institute for Future Health, Arizona State University
Craig Woods formed Woods Consulting, LLC (fka Animal Health Consulting) in 2007 and has been a licensed veterinarian since 1995.  Craig serves as the Director of Infectious Disease and Biosecurity Projects at the Institute for Future Health, Complex Adaptive Systems at Arizona State University.   Prior to academia, he spent >15 years in industry, holding clinical, regulatory and business development positions, and has directed and served as investigator on numerous human and veterinary clinical research projects in the areas of toxinology, orthopedics, oncology, infectious disease, ophthalmology and cardiology.

Education / License

BS (1991) University of Missouri
MS (1995) University of Missouri
DVM (1995) University of Missouri
MBA (2003) Arizona State University

AZ Veterinary Medical License

Quick Stats: global animal health market


in ex-manufacturer sales (USD equivalent).  Pie charts represent % of ex-manufacturer sales.
Products: Vaccines (biologics), NSAIDs, parasiticies & anti-infectives (drugs) represent the majority of product sales.

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Comparative Medicine Symposium 2023

veterinary clinical studies

November 30th, 2023; Scottsdale, AZ.  Dr. Woods has organized an ASU regional symposium on how veterinary medicine is transforming translational research and advancing innovations in oncology, cardiology, infectious disease and aging which benefit humans and animals.  The symposium will cover a range of scientific and technical topics including pre-clinical approaches to drug development with expert speakers from ASU, NAU, UA, TGen North and private practice. Link

Venom Week

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July 18-21, 2022: Dr. Woods served as Organizing Chair of Venom Week VIII, held in Scottsdale, AZ from July 18-21, 2022.  Venom Week is an international medical and scientific symposium on all things venomous.  Venom Week VIII hosted attendees from USA, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Costa Rica with topics on venomics, drug development from venom toxins, treatment of envenomation, and other areas of human and veterinary clinical research.