Veterinary Consultants

veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics, and devices
Comprehensive guidance from licensed veterinarians and professionals with industry, clinical, research, academic, and start-up experience.

Business development: market analysis, and licensing strategies.
Regulatory guidance & submissions: Investigational New Animal Drug Applications (INAD), Veterinary Master Files (VMF), Outlines of Production, Facilities Documents, and clinical protocols for veterinary pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, and devices.

Animal Health and Veterinary Consultants

Since 2007, our veterinary consultants have assisted clients to enter the veterinary and animal health market.  We have real-world, hands-on experience in developing and commercializing veterinary products, including starting companies from the ground-floor up.

Our veterinary consulting team has industry, clinic practice, academic, and start-up experience.  Further, we have served as investigators on veterinary and human clinical trials and can assist clients in veterinary regulations, due diligence, distribution, marketing, licensing transactions and moving concepts into commercial reality.

Comprehensive Experience

veterinary consulting

Industry: research, regulatory and business development
Clinical practice: veterinary medicine and surgery, clinical research
Start-up operations: company formation, interim management
Clinical research: veterinary and human subjects research

Key Services

veterinary research consultants

01Business Development

Veterinary pharmaceutical development plans, veterinary market analysis, veterinary product licensing tactics, and commercialization of animal health products.

02Clinical Studies & Regulatory Guidance

Veterinary clinical studies & protocol development, veterinary study management, and regulatory guidance for veterinary drugs, biologics, and other products.

03Distribution and Marketing Strategy

Veterinary market strategy, distribution tactics, promotional material compliance, competitive analysis of animal health companies, and technical guidance.

Clients We Serve

veterinary consultants

Woods Consulting, LLC provides veterinary consulting services to a diversity of clients.  Our team has worked with clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.  Contrary to many consulting agencies, we don’t disclose or publish a list of our previous or existing clientele.


  • Veterinary pharmaceutical
  • Diagnostic laboratories
  • OTC companies
  • Contract research organizations
  • Market research firms


  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device & diagnostics
  • Investors and market analysts
  • Universities & tech transfer
  • Spin-out / start-up companies


VENOM WEEK VIII 2022: Craig Woods served as Organizing Chair of Venom Week VIII (July 18-21, 2022; Scottsdale, Arizona), the medical and scientific symposium on all things venomous.  Venom Week VIII hosted attendees from USA, Brazil, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Venom Week IX (2024) – more information coming soon; visit for updates.

Recent Posts

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“Our advice is based on over 20 years of clinical practice, human and veterinary clinical research, regulatory, and business development experience.  Our work in industry, academia and start-ups gives us a practical, transparent and no nonsense approach to every project.”

Craig Woods DVM, MS, MBA
Owner- Woods Consulting LLC
Director- Infectious Disease & Biosecurity Projects; The Institute for Future Health, Arizona State University

Arizona Veterinary Consultants

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