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Our veterinary consultants provide a range of services for companies seeking to advance technologies for human and veterinary medicine. We have started our own companies, practiced veterinary medicine, conducted bench research, worked in industry, and have extensive veterinary and human clinical trial experience.

01 About Us

Our Consultants

have been advising pharmaceutical and medical device companies, laboratories, CROs, and other biomedical organizations since 2007.  Our comprehensive experience provides our clients an efficient, cost effective and streamlined process.

About Us

Team Experience

  • veterinary and comparative clinical trials
  • Phase II-IV human trials
  • start-up through major pharma
  • hands-on surgery and medicine experience
  • regulatory submissions
  • technology licensing and negotiation experience
  • commercialized first-in-class technologies

Career Backgrounds

Clinical Practice

Start-Up and Company Formation

Pharmaceutical Industry

Academic Research

02 Services


Assistance in running pre-clinical, basic research and bioanalytical services.

  • bioanalytical
  • genomics & proteomics
  • histopathology
  • pharmacokinetics
  • pharmacodynamics
  • cellular assays

02Regulatory Guidance

USDA-CVB and FDA-CVM guidance with devices, diagnostics, drugs, biologics, and dietary supplements.

  • purview review (FDA, USDA)
  • regulatory SOPs
  • technical section guidance
  • development timelines
  • labeling compliance
  • regulatory submissions

03Business Dev.

Providing a full range of business development services and commercial planning for animal health.

  • market research
  • financial modeling
  • forecasting
  • market feasibility
  • asset management
  • licensing negotiations

04Clinical Guidance

Compliance guidance for veterinary clinical studies, product labeling and study documentation

  • good clinical practice (GCP)
  • SOP development
  • HIPAA & PHI compliance
  • translational medicine
  • audits and QA
  • source documentation

03 Clients

 veterinary consultants

– Pharmaceutical Companies
– Medical Device Companies
– Universities and Tech Transfer
– Collaborative Consulting Firms
– Contract Research Organizations
– Laboratories
– Veterinary Practices
– Site Management Organizations

veterinary drug development consultants

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