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information about veterinary pharmaceutical companies and veterinary distributors

Animal Health Companies

Veterinary Pharmaceutical, Device, & Diagnostic Companies and Veterinary Distributors


This page contains information about animal health products, veterinary distribution and several of animal health companies operating in the animal health market.  The animal health companies listed on this page do not represent all animal health companies or distributors, and all trademarks or tradenames are the property of the respective company.

Veterinary Companies:  Certain human pharmaceutical and medical device companies have veterinary pharmaceutical divisions, while others animal health companies are exclusively dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of animal health products. Companies operating in the animal health market may also be referred to as animal health companies, animal pharmaceutical companies, veterinary companies, or veterinary pharmaceutical companies and pet food companies.  However, this term may also reference veterinary distributors and veterinary reference laboratories.

Certain animal health companies may manufacture animal pharmaceuticals or veterinary products for other companies or animal health distributors.  In these situations, they may be referred to as a private label manufacturer or toll manufacturer, and may operate similar to contract development and manufacturing organizations (veterinary CDMO).

Prescription Animal Health Products: Many veterinary drugs or veterinary pharmaceuticals require a veterinarian’s prescription or can only be used by or under the supervision of a veterinarian.  Although many veterinary clinics have in-house veterinary pharmacies and can fill prescriptions onsite, veterinarians are also required to provide clients the ability to have their prescription filled elsewhere.  In this case, veterinarians may call in a prescription or write a prescription for the pet owner.

Before veterinarian prescribe medications, they are required to have established a veterinary-client-patient (VCP) relationship.  This means they must examine the animal and have a relationship with its owner before prescribing veterinary medications.

OTC Animal Health Products: Many products don’t require a veterinary prescription, and can be sold over-the-counter (OTC).  These products are often sold by the animal health manufacturer through online retailers as well as veterinary distribution companies.

Veterinary Product Manufacturers

veterinary regulationsVeterinary Product Manufacturers are those companies which sponsor the development, registration and/or manufacture of end-use veterinary or animal health products including veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary diagnostics, veterinary nutraceuticals and veterinary medical devices.  Many of these companies produce their products in FDA or USDA registered facilities.

Veterinary Diagnostic Companies

animal diagnostic companiesVeterinary Reference Laboratories: Animal health also has a number of companies which exclusively serve as veterinary reference diagnostic laboratories.  Veterinary reference laboratories (e.g., Vetek Labs, Idexx Reference Laboratories) provide diagnostic services to veterinary clinics and veterinary hospitals, and many offer courier services to pick up samples and transport them to the veterinary reference laboratory for analysis and reporting.

Veterinary Distributors

Veterinary Distribution: Accessing the animal health market can take several different routes or methods of distribution for animal health companies which manufacture products.  Pet owners routinely obtain their pet products from their veterinarian or a physical or online retail outlet.  The route of distribution is often determined by the product’s approval pathway and dispensing (e.g., prescription) requirements.  Certain products are dispensed by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.

OTC and Retail Pet Products: Many products are available over the counter and sold directly to pet owners via retail outlets, online purchases, etc.  The typical veterinary and animal health supply chain is represented to the right.  Although some veterinary and animal health companies sell directly to the veterinary clinic (veterinary direct), many will use veterinary distributors (see list below).

Veterinary distributors are organizations which will inventory and distribute the veterinary products produced by veterinary companies.  Veterinary distributors often employ their own distributor representative sales force, which help detail veterinary company products to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Pet Retail Companies

Pet retail outlets (pet retailers) are companies which provide animal health products directly to the pet owner; either online or at physical pet retail locations.  These companies may be physical locations, or may exist as online retailers and may carry a range of pet products, grooming aids, pet foods, nutraceuticals, and other products.

Corporate Veterinary Hospitals

The following a are a list of a few of the large corporate veterinary hospital chains (organizations).

Banfield Pet Hospital |  VCA Animal Hospitals |  National Veterinary Associates (NVA)  |  Pathway Vet Alliance  |  BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospitals

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